The Culture Lab Podcast

At the end of our Workshop in spring 2021, Yola Sornsakrin interviewed other participants as well as team members of the CultureLab for this podcast. A total of 7 episodes was created, giving a little insight in the working and creative process behind the virtual galleries. The podcast is biligual, some interviews were held in german, others in english.
All episodes will be released here throughout the next few weeks.

Episode 2 – Maria

Golden Ratio, sustainability and energy in creative space are topics in today’s episode. Maria talks about the understanding of light, perspective and plasticity in the world – and about her “Cosmic Kids” in the digital exhibition.

Instagram: Vibrando

Episode 1 – Jordi Kurgari

Jordi spricht überseine Arbeit als Musiker, seine umfangreiche Rolle als Betreuer im CultureLab Berlin, über die Umsetzung des Projekts und den Übergang von analogen zu digitalen Seminaren in der Coronapandemie.

Instagram: jordi_kuragari
Youtube: Jordi Kuragari / kuragari85
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jordikuragari.official/
Bandcamp: https://jordikuragari.bandcamp.com
Digitize your Skillz:  https://kwd-medien.com/